Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"But I've never storyjammed before!"

It is common to be daunted by the task of improvising story, many beginners spend their first sessions merely listening to the more experienced jammers craft tales. I was in this very same position when I participated in my first session of serious storyjamming. But it is important to remember that we all tell stories everyday.

Every time you explain how your day went, or relate an experience you had, you are telling a story. Sometimes these are true stories, where you use actual facts to guide your narration, and other times they are false or doctored stories. Things as simple as a conversation, and as complex as a trial are stories of their own sort.

Like a child learning to speak, we learn to tell better stories. We hone our skills, listening to the stories in each day, applying our whole body and mind to the telling. We hold ideas lightly, listen and speak to our peers, and express our imagination. Our reward is the sweet gift of story, in whatever form it may come.

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