Wednesday, November 18, 2009

OCS Methods: Core Warmups, Johno's Story

Count to Twenty:

We begin with laughter, jokes, and off topic banter. Our minds wandering across our daily tasks and weekly events. Finally Julian breathes deeply as he sits in his chair. Silence falls. I quiet my mind, and heart. "One" I find myself saying, shortly followed by a "Two". To twenty we count, sometimes slow, other times with blinding speed. I close my eyes and feel the numbers wash over me. I listen for the cues, the signposts, of a mind at work. Sometimes I begin to hesitate, ~should I voice the next number?~ In unison Karl and I say "Seven". It begins again. I follow my heart and intuition. It says speak, and you shall be heard. It says listen, for others need be heard. With my senses open I follow the story of our numbers, heeding the tale that my companions tell. "Nineteen" says Julian, followed by silence. It is my time, "Twenty". Our story is told.

Word Popcorn:

Cow, milk, white, dress, socks. The words flow from one mouth to another. Without shame or regret, we speak our minds. A smile, a snort, a laugh. These are the only comments made. Freeing my filter I let my speech take life. For some time we speak, one word at a time, letting our creative spirit guide us to some unknown location. A collaborative jumble of different concepts and themes. Ahh, the feeling of fresh story in its unadulterated form.

Word at a Time Story:

Word Popcorn, instant gratification. Satisfying, yes, but always leaves me wanting more. Karl says "Darth Maul" and immediately I find my thinking ~yes, this is a story~. With little hesitation I say "was", and Julian picks up on my verbal cue. He sees the story developing, and the lightbulb shining brightly above my head. "a" he says, a simple word, but also a vital sign that we have successfully switched from our random association to something more meaningful. "Darth Maul was a good Jedi" we begin, one word at a time the story is crafted. Short and sweet, the perfect Word at a Time Story. Paying careful attention to what we are creating, the stream continues, the tale unfolds. It flows faster now, our goal more clear as the end nears. "Jar Jar Binks, Darth Maul's careless but effective cohort, lassos Leia around her legs and pulls her to the ground." Delicious Word at a Time Story, how I love ye.

We now find ourselves focused, in tune with each member in our group. Our stories were mere numbers, words, and phrases, but the end result is the same. Together we create something more than any one of us could do alone. Together we bring story to life, feeding off the creative energy we have pooled. Collaborative story, what would I do without you?


  1. Beautiful! Your experience inspires me. Please keep telling it!

  2. Thanks Willem! That means a lot to me. There definitely will be more to come :-)