Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Goal #1: So you want to jam a story...

First, you need a crew. If you're lucky enough to live in Eugene, Portland, Seattle, or somewhere else that storyjammers abound, then it shouldn't be too hard for you to connect with some like-minded story tellers who are willing to give Open Circle a try.

As you probably know, there are many different ways to create collaborative story. Storyjamming is a particular philosophy of collaborative storytelling, while OCS provides a specific set of methods to facilitate your experience of learning and play. The best way to pick up OCS is to start observing and participating with an experienced group.

More often than not, that won't be possible, so one of our goals in this blog is to teach OCS. That is, to communicate the structures and examples that'll help jumpstart a novice crew in their path towards becoming fluent and fluid OCS-jammers.

I think our first foray into this will be an attempt to paint a rough picture of what a session of OCS looks like.

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